The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council’s heritage collection is currently housed in their Library and Archives.  The collection currently encompasses over 500 boxes of textual records, over 4000 graphic prints and negatives, numerous community maps, and over 2000 audio-visual items, along with some historic artifacts. The collection largely documents Indigenous political leadership, treaty development, specific claim research, natural resource management, meetings, interviews, stories and legends, and oral histories. The collection contains the tangible cultural materials of the communities CSTC has worked with since its inception in 1981, and demonstrates the history and culture of the Dakelh (Carrier) and Sekani peoples in Northern and Central British Columbia.
The Library and Archives' purpose is two-fold: to support the functions of the Tribal Council and its six Member Nations through the collection, curation, and management of informational resources relevant to their work and aims; and to collect, preserve, arrange, and describe materials which have demonstrated archival or evidential value to the CSTC and Member Nations. The Library and Archives staff also participates in outreach activities, partnerships, exhibitions, and digitization programs to ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of information and evidential resources.

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