Although the CSTC Library and Archives is focused on serving members and staff of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, all researchers are welcome to conduct research.
External researchers (non-CSTC and CSFN staff or communities) are required to sign an Ethical Research Agreement outlining our policies and rules around accessing the collection. A Band Council Resolution is required to access information about a specific community, and the community will be the final authority on all access decisions related to materials by or about them.

The Flying Mission Genealogy of the Carrier Sekani Peoples can be accessed by individuals with a connection to the territory on their maternal side, or by members of Dakelh/Sekani communities for research and verification purposes. Both a physical and digital copy are available.

Appropriate Use

This information shared with you is the intellectual property of the Dakelh and Sekani Peoples.

By accessing the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council’s Library & Archives Online Collection you agree to follow the terms of access, use, and reproduction defined by each individual, family, and community for their records, cultural materials, and traditional knowledge. This information is found in the Access Conditions and Restrictions fields for all archival records and collections.

I will not use information from this website for commercial or publication purposes unless permission is obtained from The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council by contacting the Library and Archives Department.