Why aren't all the records online?
The CSTC Library and Archives tries to make as many records as possible available online. Digitization of most resources, however, takes an incredible amount of time and money to accomplish.  Through grant funding we have been able to create this website and provide access to many digital copies of our records.
While digitization of records helps to make them accessible, standard practice is to preserve the original record in its original format.  Converting digital formats to keep up with technology is time-consuming and costly, not to mention not always a reliable and stable format for preservation.  As time and funding permit, CSTC will continue to develop projects that will increase digital access to its collection.
How can I obtain a copy of some records that I can’t find online?
Contact the CSTC Library and Archives with your specific inquiry.  Staff will assist you in determining permissions and which records are available for use and/or reproduction. 
Some information on a record is missing or wrong, how can we change it?
Please contact staff at the CSTC Library and Archives with your concern.  In many cases, names, dates or locations related to records are unknown, and obtaining more information from individuals who hold knowledge is especially important.  We can update records and add notes with any additional information that is missing or incorrect.
Where is the CSTC Library and Archives located?
The CSTC Library and Archives is located on the lower level of our office at Suite 200 – 1460 6th Avenue, in Prince George, British Columbia.

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